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Ultimate Connectivity: Nidec’s Smart Glasses

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KYOTO, Japan – E-bike component supplier Nidec Copal took the next step in realizing its smart e-bike concept and meeting the specific needs of its tomorrow’s customers. Nidec Copal developed augmented reality glasses for bicycle riders and combined it with all electronics on board.

Ultimate Connectivity: Nidec’s Smart Glasses
The Nidec Smart Glass are operated through a user’s voice. – Photo Nidec Copal

Taking connectivity to the next level, Nidec Copal took the Google glasses and made them suitable for cyclists. They are operated through a user’s voice, augmented reality glasses ensure safe and comfortable riding by displaying all important information a rider may need.


The information shown on the glasses include navigation, warnings, speed, cadence, force on pedal, assist level, as well as SNS, e-mails, phone calls and other. Options for real time health monitoring, road race and healthcare applications will come soon.

Nidec eBike system can be found at Eurobike 2017 booth A6-213.

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