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Bosch Brings Mid-Motor for Lower Price Segments

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – E-bikes fitted with the newest mid-motor from Bosch are to retail for 1,300 to 1,500 euro. This Model Year 2018 ‘Active Line Plus Generation 3’ mid-motor leads to apprehensive reactions.

Bosch Brings Mid-Motor for Lower Price Segments

With this generation 3 mid-motor Bosch is setting new price points in Europe’s e-bike mid-motor market. Electric bicycles fitted with front hub motors are currently sold for about 1,299 euro at retailers. With the new Bosch system this price segments looks now to become the entry-level point for models fitted with mid-motors. Due to that prices for e-bikes equipped with front hub motors are being pushed down.

On the Taipei Cycle show floor it is said these changes bring about a ‘wait and see approach’. In particular by the e-bike makers and suppliers that don’t have the new Bosch system in their 2018 line-ups.

Bosch has launched its entry-level generation 3 mid-motor earlier to OEMs. At Taipei Cycle the first parts that can be used in combination with this new drive system are being presented.

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