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E-Bikes Shine in France in Record Breaking 2016

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PARIS, France – The French bike market has registered growth for the third year in a row. According to the French bicycle observatory sales increased to a total € 1.795 billion (including P&A) with 3,034,000 bikes sold in 2016. E-bike sales increased by over 30% to 134,000 units with an average retail price of over one thousand euro.

E-Bikes Shine in France in Record Breaking 2016

According to the French bicycle observatory, sales continued to increase in 2016 with 1.3% to a total of over 3 million bicycles and e-bikes. Total turnover in bicycles and e-bikes upped by 6.4% to a total of 1.023 billion compared to 2015. This result marks the 3rd consecutive year of growth and for the first time since 2012 sales passed the 3 million mark.

Over 30% growth in e-bike sales

Last year e-bikes sales increased by 31,4% to 134,000 units. Urban and trekking e-bikes are the most popular with total sales of 106,000 units. The e-MTB is also growing in France. 2016 statistics show that 15,300 e-MTB’s have been sold; a 72% increase from the 9,000 sold in 2015 and the 6,000 in 2014. For this year a further increase in e-MTB sales is expected as well as for the complete e-bike sector. In particular because of different French national government measures. The most important one is the subsidy (up to € 200) for purchasing an e-bike.

Also growth in P&A sales

The 2016 French market statistics were made public by Jérôme Valentin, CEO of Cycleurope France and co-chairman of the Union Sport & Cycle federation. He was also happy to point to a 5.9% growth in sales of components, equipment and accessories. Total P&A sales came in at € 772 million. Including the turnover in bicycles and e-bikes the total turnover of the French cycling market stood at 1.795 billion euro in 2016; up 6% compared to the total of 2015.

A complete Market Report France will be published in Bike Europe’s print and online editions. Online publication date is May 24.


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