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TeXtreme Sets New Standard For Visual Spread Tow Fabrics 

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BORAS, Sweden – Oxeon AB, maker of TeXtreme carbon fabrics announces to have set a new standard for the visual spread of tow carbon fiber fabrics. The new PDESP21 standard controls splits, gaps, distortions in the carbon fabrics.

TeXtreme Sets New Standard For Visual Spread Tow Fabrics 

“By using our proprietary spreading and weaving technologies we are able to control splits, gaps, distortion etc to meet this extreme visual level for these types of material,” says Andreas Martsman, VP – Marketing & Sales of Oxeon AB, makers of TeXtreme.

Signature square pattern

TeXtreme’s signature square pattern takes this new standard to the next level of perfection to meet also the most challenging visual demands. The new PDESP21 standard is targeting applications where the visibility is most important. For example at carbon bike frames.

Patented process

Oxeon’s TeXtreme technology is based on using thin flat tapes instead of round yarns, a patented process that provides unique possibilities for weight savings and performance improvements compared to other carbon fiber materials. In general, TeXtreme can reduce weight by 20-30% compared to conventional carbon fiber materials, with maintained or increased levels of stiffness and/or strength. Weigh saving or performance increase is not the focus for this new visual version of TeXtreme.

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