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Danish Startup Kvaern Presents Tesla Inspired E-Bike Solar Charging

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Danish startup Kvaern has developed a solar power pack for e-bikes. The power pack named ‘Kvaern+’ is a stationary battery pack that is charged from solar energy generated during the day and makes it available when your bike needs it. Kvaern+ is similar to Tesla’s Powerwall.

Danish Startup Kvaern Presents Tesla Inspired E-Bike Solar Charging
Kvaern’s power pack system is similar to Tesla’s Powerwall. – Photo Kvaern

With more bikes than cars in Copenhagen, it’s natural for a startup like this to pop up in Denmark, simply because of the demand for smart electric bikes. Clever characteristics for e-bikes is brought by the Kvaern+ as it offers the possibility to ride 100% on solar energy.

Similar to Tesla’s Powerwall

Kvaern means “cool ride” in Danish, and that is exactly what the company is aiming for: “Creating cool bike experiences with truly off-the-grid e-bike solutions. As Kvaern we want to change the electric bike industry by offering a power pack system to e-bike owners, similar to what Tesla offers to car owners with Tesla’s Powerwall. Our Kvaern+ system is made for both personal use and later on for bigger installations at public hire schemes. There’s no doubt; Tesla has been a great inspiration for Kvaern and like pretty much the rest of the world, we are very impressed with what they have managed to do to the car industry,” says Kvaern founder Jonas Gissel.

Apart from offering a power pack solution, Kvaern has also teamed up with bike companies and solar energy companies to offer a complete off-the-grid e-bike experience. More at

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