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Omni-Channel Opportunities Presented at Bike Europe Conference

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – On Tuesday 29 August, one day before Eurobike 2017 starts, a Conference organized by Bike Europe takes place at Messe Friedrichshafen. The main theme is: Facing the Challenges of omni-channel. One of the Conference speakers will instead of challenges explain in detail what opportunities omni-channel brings. His belief is, “We live in a golden age of brands connecting with consumers.”

Omni-Channel Opportunities Presented at Bike Europe Conference
A keynote speaker of the 2017 Bike Europe Conference at Eurobike digs deep in omni-channel opportunities as he claims ‘We live in a golden age of brands connecting with consumers.’ – Photo Peter Hummel

The Bike Europe Conference on omni-channel comes after a successful first 2016 Conference which was visited by some 250 industry leaders. This year’s event is focusing on the factors that influence the new omni-channel distribution strategy.
Omni-channel distribution is the bike sector’s response to rapidly growing online sales. In various countries by various major players this new strategy is being presented or is in the planning phase. The 2017 Bike Europe Conference will dig deep in the challenges as well as opportunities that come with omni-channel which is a radical transition from business models that have been applied for decades and which focused primarily on dealers. Omni-channel puts consumers on the first place but still focuses also on dealers.

Creating business breakthroughs

One of the four keynote speakers of the Bike Europe Conference is Matthijs Rosman. He is partner at RevelX. This is a consultancy company that calls itself “Growth entrepreneurs. We make growth happen. We blend non-traditional and conventional methods to create business breakthroughs.” Among the RevelX clientele are companies like Randstad, ASML, DSM and Accell Group. Accell is Knowledge Partner of the Bike Europe Conference on omni-channel.

Matthijs Rosman has two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service. His work with his clients ranges from deploying the newest in digital possibilities to breakthrough ways to improve commercial results. He is continuously looking for growth opportunities and familiar in B2B and B2C, both for startups and corporates. Rosman is frequently invited as speaker, chairman or expert. He is for over four years associated with the e-commerce Europe Conference as chairman of the Omni-Channel Organization expert panel.

Wrong views on omni-channel

On 29 August at the Bike Europe Conference keynote speaker Matthijs Rosman will dig deep in the opportunities omni-channel will bring to the cycling sector. The title of his presentation reads “When thinking about omni-channel, don’t think outside the box.”
Here’s the abstract of his presentation: “The way we look at omni-channel is inherently wrong. As long as we keep addressing omni-channel as a ‘challenge’, we are failing to see the opportunity. Even the term ‘omni-channel’ inhibits our thinking and diminishes the returns on the opportunity. I believe we live in a golden age of brands connecting with consumers. The job to be done for brands is aligning their organizations and channel partners with the wants and needs of the consumer of today and tomorrow. While in transition, brands must adopt effective strategies to deal with pricing transparency, channel alignment (offline and online), people and culture issues and operational process implications.”

Participation fee

The Bike Europe Omni-Channel Conference is targeting all (trade) visitors of Eurobike. The Conference is held at rooms Berlin and Paris at Conference Center East and starts on 29 August at 13.00 and ends at 17.00. Next to a series of keynote speakers the Agenda includes Questions & Answer sessions. After the closing of the Conference drinks and finger-foods will be served for offering networking opportunities.
The participants fee is set at €195. For paying Bike Europe subscribers the participants fee is set at €145. For more information and for registration details:

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