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Industry Invited to Join 300 Km E-Bike Marathon

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NEUBRANDENBURG, Germany – On May 26 and 27, the fourth edition of the international bicycle event ‘Mecklenburger Seen Runde’ (MSR) will take place in Neubrandenburg, Germany. For the first time, six e-bike teams will join this year’s bike marathon for everybody (MSR 300) and the women’s ride (MRS 90) which have attracted around 4,000 participants in previous years.

Industry Invited to Join 300 Km E-Bike Marathon

Titled E’n’JOY300, this year’s e-bike ride is designed as a test run. From 2018, organizer Detlef Koepke plans to open the event for e-bikes in general. For this year e-bike and speed e-bike brands, component suppliers as well as dealers are invited to take part in the E’n’JOY300 with two bikes and two team riders. Registration is open until April 21, 2017. On request, organizers of the event will recruit the team riders.

E-Bike Marathon

As the name suggests, E’n’JOY300 is not a race but a 300 km long ride to be enjoyed on e-bikes or speed e-bikes. It starts on Friday, May 26 at 8:00 pm and will be ridden through the night in one piece, food and drink breaks included at set stations.

The riders will follow paved roads along the lakes of the Mecklenburg region north of Berlin and will climb around 2,000 altitude meters before they reach the finish line in Neubrandenburg. Here, the e-bike teams will be involved in an entertainment program on stage next to the SattelFEST bicycle fair. Companies participating in the E’n’JOY300 will be granted a discount on exhibitor space at the SattelFEST.

E-bike ambassador Susanne Brüsch will lead the E’n’JOY300 and create a film documentation about the electric MSR debut. While following this year’s MSR motto of ‘collecting moments’, the film will feature all e-bike teams. This new Pedelec Adventures production will be presented at Eurobike and is meant to encourage people all over Europe to join next year’s MSR with their own e-bike.

For more information and registration, contact Detlef Koepke at:


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