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Participants of Bike Europe Conference to Receive European Ecommerce Report 

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DOETINCHEM, The Netherlands – In order to present Bike Europe Conference participants with up-to-date documentation on all online sales developments, they will receive the European Ecommerce Report 2017. The Conference participation fee covers the purchase price of the Report which is valued at  €955.90. It means that all Conference participants will be emailed a link to download their free copy of the report.

Participants of Bike Europe Conference to Receive European Ecommerce Report 

The European Ecommerce Report provides an overview of European Ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers great insights into European Ecommerce markets. Additionally, the 2017 report offers the main findings of 28 European markets in terms of Ecommerce.

Vital background data

This report puts the latest developments in Ecommerce into perspective and with that offers more insights in today’s role of online retail. It offers vital background data for companies that consider switching to an omni-channel strategy. Facing the Challenges of Omni-Channel; from traditional retail to customer journey is the main theme of the Bike Europe Conference taking place on Tuesday August 29, 2017; one day before Eurobike starts.

It’s still possible to register for the Conference. However, as there is a big interest in participation registration will take place on a first-come-first-serve basis. Here’s more information and for registration details:

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