Overview of Laws & Regulations

Being successful in the bike business in Europe requires detailed knowledge of the European laws and regulations for bicycles and bike products. Anti-dumping and anti-circumvention duties, the new CEN safety standards or the Generalized System of Preferences can have a huge impact on your business. Keep yourself informed with the Bike Europe EU Laws & Regulations files. Any new addition will be published in the weekly Bike Europe e-mail newsletter. Do you want to stay informed? Subscribe to the Bike Europe e-mail newsletter! Click here.

EU Trade Regulations

  1. Confusion on Export Duty Free Status for Asian Countries
  2. Officially Announced: Anti-Dumping Duties for China Made Bikes Maintained
  3. Uncertainty on Continuation of Anti-Dumping Duties on Saddles
  4. Import Duties on non-EU Bicycles
  5. Preferential Import Duty Rates
  6. Duties on the Internet
  7. EU Adopts New and Simplified GSP
  8. Timetable Anti-Dumping and Anti-Circumvention Measures
  9. Anti-Circumvention Duties on Certain Chinese Parts
  10. EU Reviews Bike Dumping By China
  11. EU lifts Dumping Duty on Vietnam Made Bikes
  12. Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Saddles
  13. No Dumping Duties on Chinese E-Bikes and Pedelecs
  14. EU modernises customs procedures and makes imports safer
  15. EU-Commission Appoints Trade Hearing Officer
  16. VAT Reduction on All Bicycle Products and Services
  17. New Boost for the Internal EU-Market
  18. Tighter checks on EU imports
  19. EU Relaxes Rules of Generalised System of Preference 

Safety Standards and Regulations

  1. European Parliament Agrees that E-Bike Safety Depends on Speed, Not Power
  2. EU Industry Associations Take Action to Track E-Bike Imports
  3. EnergyBus Communication Protocol 1.0 Released
  4. EU Announces Revision of CEN Safety Standards for Bicycles
  5. Controversy on Type-Approval Regulations for e-Bikes Among Industry and Dealer Associations
  6. Type Approval Review: ‘Consideration for LEVs’
  7. UCI Revises Homologation Procedures
  8. The European CEN Standard For Bicycles 
  9. European Standard for Child's Seat for Bicycles
  10. Rapid Exchange of Information on Unsafe Products
  11. REACH: EU Legislation With Major Impact for Whole Supply Chain 
  12. REACH Continue Reading
  13. USA: Lead Content in Bike Product
  14. EU Legislation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  15. EU Regulations for e-Bikes (Part 1) Type-approval legislation and CEN standards
  16. EU Regulations for e-Bikes (Part 2) Machinery Directive
  17. EU Regulations for e-Bikes (Part 3) Electromagnetic Compatibility
  18. EU Regulations for e-Bikes (Part 4) Battery Transportation
  19. EU Regulations for e-Bikes (Part 5) Battery Directive