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E-Bike Market Attracts More Automotive Suppliers

• Is the e-bike motor market becoming overcrowded?
• Car makers now actually entering electric two-wheeler market
• E-bike dumping case: the consequences
• Two-year user survey signifies great future for e-cargo bikes
• Speed pedelec sales show steady growth

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The E-Bike Business’ Growing Complexity

• Will Chinese Makers Move Production?
• Taiwan and Vietnam Warming E-Bike Export Up
• E-Bike Anti-Dumping Duties Become Fact
• E-Bike Motor Market To Grow to Multi-Billion Dollar Business
• E-Bike Batteries – Fire Hazards

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E-Bike Brings Digitalization to The Industry

• Bike Sector is Reinventing Itself
• More Car Companies Stepping into E-Bike Market
• Yamaha Grows Motor Production for Europe
• Battery Shortages Coming

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