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Bike Europe is a multimedia brand focusing on the international e-bike and bicycle business. Published by VMN Media in the Netherlands, Bike Europe caters for online and print readers and offers knowledge-based events.

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The Bike Europe mission is to be the primary source of industry news, data and analysis for the e-bike and bicycle industry's decision-makers.

Bike Europe leads you through the maze of trade barriers in a global industry, provides answers about rules and regulations and is the authoritative source to understand all the complexities of this cross-cultural, multi-lingual industry. We are the meeting place for e-bike and bicycle professionals.

Bike Europe serves top e-bike and bicycle industry executives -- including manufacturers, their original equipment suppliers, importers, distributors and wholesalers -- plus others allied with the industry.

Bike Europe accurately, fairly, objectively and authoritatively provides its readers with the information they need.

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Bike Europe provides the most comprehensive e-bike and bicycles news updates. We offer in-depth reports, market news, interviews with people moving the industry forwards, product developments, and complete coverage of major industry events, both online and in our print edition.

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Bike Europe offers all your e-bike and bicycle information needs. If you have questions about our news coverage, please contact our editorial department via bikeeurope@vmnmedia.nl.

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