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FSA Updates Handlebars for MY 2012


FSA Updates Handlebars for MY 2012

FSA (Full Speed Ahead) is updating three handlebars for the 2012 model year. Two models, the K-Force Light Nano-K Compact and the SL-K Compact feature the popular compact geometry, the latest carbon fiber technology and a clean, modern-looking UD finish. The third bar alloy bar is called the Afterburner made from 7075/T6 aluminum and available in flat and low-riser designs.

The K-Force Light Nano-K Compact offers the comfort of the latest compact design for improved reach and performance, in a continuous UD carbon/Kevlar composite construction, with a wide 110mm center section for clip-ons and other accessories. The clamping areas feature reinforcing and textured surfaces to improve durability and prevent slippage. The double-width, single-cable groove design improves stiffness and fatigue life. The bar comes in three sizes: 31.8mm x W400, 420, 440mm(c-c), with 125mm drop, 80mm reach, and 2º flare for wrist clearance, weighing 189g for the 400mm version.

The SL-K Compact drop bar is also built using continuous UD carbon and Kevlar in a monocoque construction. The center section is slightly wider than the Nano-K Compact (120mm), while it shares the reinforced and textured clamping areas and double-width, single-cable groove design. Designed with racing and all-day riding in mind, the SL-K Compact weighs 235g (400mm version) comes in four sizes: 31.8mm x W380, 400, 420, 440mm(c-c), with 125mm drop, 80mm reach and 4° outward bend. It sports a UD Carbon finish, with red, white, pink, or green colour graphics option.

Lighter than some carbon MTB bars, the Afterburner uses triple-butted, tapered and shot-peened AL7075/T6 aluminum to weigh in at a svelte 210g for the 630mm wide version. Several width options are planned for 2012. Shot-peening adds to the surface hardness of the bar which is available as a flat bar or a low riser model with 9° back sweep, 4° up sweep. The Afterburner features a sandblasted black finish with polished black anodizing and laser graphics.



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