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Bosch Drive Unit 45 km


Following the successful market introduction of its electronic drive train system, Bosch developed the ‘Drive Unit 45’ referring to the maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. This system is a new milestone for Bosch, as it is now offering a complete range of products for both segments of the e-bike market.

Bosch Drive Unit 45 km

The new start assist function is only available on this new Drive Unit 45. It is no longer necessary to start pedaling to start cycling as the electric motor does all the work. Regardless of the gear the bike can accelerate to a speed between six and eighteen kilometers per hour depending on the settings, without pedaling.

The driving force behind this new system is the powerful 350 watt electric motor, which has a short term output up to 500 watts with a torque of 50 Nm. Building on the experience as a world leading supplier for the automobile industry, Bosch engineers tested the e-bike motor under the harsh conditions such as salt spray, industrial conditions and large differences in temperatures.

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