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Portuguese Industry Association ABIMOTA Presents Portugal Bike Value Initiative


AGUEDA, Portugal – It’s already taking shape with more and more production facilities being set-up and it is now also official. But not under the name of Bike Valley Portugal. Portuguese industry association ABIMOTA officially named its initiative ‘Bike Value Portugal’.

Portuguese Industry Association ABIMOTA Presents Portugal Bike Value Initiative
For promoting Bike Value Portugal ABIMOTA visited China Cycle show last May. – Photo ABIMOTA

With naming it Bike Value Portugal ABIMOTA underlines the significance of its initiative to promote the national mobility industry. “The main goals of Bike Value Portugal are to search and attract further international investments for it to reach its full potential and weight in the local economy,” states ABIMOTA in a press release.

Significant production position

Currently Bike Value Portugal already holds a significant production position within the European bicycle industry. Renowned parts makers are located here like Rodi, Miranda, Polisport and Miranda. Rodi and Miranda with another partner Ciclo Fapril are starting a factory for aluminium frames here which will operational in a few months. Annually, half a million alloy frames will be produced here; fully automated and robotised.

Bike Value Portugal is home to several bicycle manufacturers, such as Orbea, RTE, Avantisbike, Miralago, Orbita amongst five others. The latest news on Bike Valley Portugal is that a producer of suspension forks will be located here; Cyclo-Fapril is planning to produce steel bike frames while another large bicycle factory will set up production here. This will be Fritz Jou Manufacturing from Taiwan, who will build a factory with a capacity of 300,000 units. Avantisbike will also expand its capacity significantly.

Largest bicycle producing nations of Europe

All this makes that Portugal moved up in the ranks of the largest bicycle producing nations of Europe. The country now holds the third place, behind Germany and Italy. With Bike Value Portugal, “The two-wheeler industry, major bicycle and component producers currently have the conditions in place to assert itself in international markets with high accuracy and technical quality,” says ABIMOTA.

Bigger role for Portugal

The Portuguese industry association foresees an even bigger role for Portugal in Europe in the near future. Growing into the biggest bicycle producing nation even. ABIMOTA says that since the start of the Portugal Bike Value initiative there’s increased international investment proposals and an increasing interest in Portugal from the cycling industry. All this presents the potential to create about 800 jobs.

Portugal as investment destination

For promoting Bike Value Portugal further ABIMOTA visited the China Cycle show, held in Shanghai between May 6 and 9. The objective here was to identify opportunities for Portugal as an investment destination in new production units.

The Bike Value Portugal project is part of the SIAC program – Support for Collective Action, which aims to promote internationally the Portuguese two-wheel sector, promote Portugal as a producing nation and finally promote Portugal as a destination for investment in new production units.

CONEBI member

ABIMOTA recently became a full member of CONEBI; the Confederation of European Bicycle Industries. At the general assembly which took place May 25 in Vienna, ABIMOTA requested to become part of the Confederation after some time with observer status. Here all members of the Confederation voted unanimously for a full membership of ABIMOTA.

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