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Knog Adds to the Party With Combination Lock

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Combining the premiums it places on bicycle security and biking safety, accessories maker Knog is adding a combination lock to its product line for 2015. The Party Combo joins the key-locked Party Frank in the Australian company’s range of braided-steel offerings.

Knog Adds to the Party With Combination Lock
The Party Combo uses a die-cast zinc alloy and is sheathed in moulded silicone. – Photo Knog

Coated industrial-grade silicone to prevent scratching paint and frames, the Party Combo is 620mm in length long and boasts a claimed weight of 300gm. It employs fibre-core technology, featuring both an inner and an outer cable, which Knog says resists bolt-cutters.

The combination lock on the Party Combo’s 8mm steel shackle permits users to dial in 10,000 possible combinations. And Knog is offering the lock in eight colors.

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