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E-Bike Craze Continues Unabated in Holland

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E-Bike Craze Continues Unabated in Holland
Turnover-wise sales of city e-bikes grew 38 percent in Holland in first nine months of 2019. – Photo Bike Europe

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – Is it the weather, or the economy, or just the plain truth that e-bikes are like iPhone: everybody wants one? Fact is that after the January to September selling-season for bicycles the results show that interest – and with that sales – of e-bikes remained unrelentless huge. In Holland that is; the country where the e-bike craze started and where electric bicycles have taken over the bike market (almost) completely.

To answer the questions asked above; the weather during the 2019 selling season was like in 2018; great. In Holland as well as in other European countries. The same goes for the economy. These key conditions pushed e-bike sales once again to new highs. At least that’s what a recent Dynamo Retail Group market survey concludes. Dynamo Retail Group is operating shop formats like Bike Totaal, Dynamo Retail Service, Fietswereld and Profile de Fietsspecialist in Holland, Belgium and Germany and has some 800 affiliated dealers/members.

2019 nine months results

This survey, involving the sales data of 318 Dutch dealers covering the first nine months of 2019, shows that turnover-wise their sales of city e-bikes grew by close to 38 percent during the named period. The survey also points out that in terms of turnover overall bicycle sales (including e-bikes) in the first nine months of this year was up 18.2 percent compared to the same period one year earlier. When including all business activities (apparel and P&A sales, workshop-wages as well as 2nd hand bike sales) turnover after the selling-season stood 12.7 percent higher compared to the first nine months of 2018.

E-bike market shares

The Dynamo Retail Group survey covering 318 dealers located in the Netherlands indicates that 2019 e-bike sales in Holland is to rise beyond the half million units mark; the 2018 total stood at 409,400.  While the e-bike’s market share reached 40 percent last year; this year it’s to grow to close to 50 percent, That’s volume-wise. Turnover-wise the electric category generated two-third or 823 million euro of the 2018 total Dutch market which is valued at 1.2 billion euro. Money-wise the e-bike category Is set to grow this year to a market share of about 70 percent.


As said, in Holland the e-bike craze started. If market developments here are also to occur in other European countries, then the predictions from some industry insiders will come true. They expect electric bicycles to eventually make up half of the European market. It will boil down to annual sales of between 7 and 10 million e-bikes.

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