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Taipei Cycle Signals Early and Cautious Market Movements

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – It’s still in the early stages as well as cautiously addressed. Next to that it’s limited to e-bikes as well as e-MTBs. And it goes in particular for Europe. These market movements are reflected by the first two days of the 2017 Taipei Cycle Show.

Taipei Cycle Signals Early and Cautious Market Movements
Rising interest for e-MTBs brings more visitors from Asia to Taipei Cycle. – Photo Bike Europe

With two more show days to go one thing is already certain; this year’s 30th Taipei Cycle will not go down in the history books as an outstanding one. That’s due to the fact of 2016 leaving its mark on inventory levels. Many on the show floor indicate them as still high in the US. In Europe it’s said to be a less pressing problem. And this is where the market starts to move again; in particular for e-bikes.

Future growth

Electric bikes in various forms are the big, main thing at this year’s Taipei Cycle. Of course they are there already for years. But now everybody is heading towards them. Parts makers in particular are finally viewing them as where the possibilities for future growth are. And are with that looking for every opportunity to hook-up to the e-trend. The same goes for the OEM makers located in  countries that have GSP + (import duty free) status for Europe. A&J, Asama, Strongman, and others like Bangkok Cycle are now all getting heavily into electric bicycles and in particular into e-MTBs. One of them said “We are a bit late stepping into it. But we have been working hard and investing into the capability to produce them. We have our line-up ready now.” The OEMs located in Cambodia, Vietnam and other Asian countries are presenting broad ranges of in particular e-MTBs.

Maybe the interest of these OEMs also has to do with the fact that on various Asian markets the interest for e-bikes is growing. Thanks to that more visitors from Asia are at this year’s Taipei Cycle. They are filling the gap formed by less visitors from Europe and the US.

Bike share boom in China

As said this year’s Taipei Cycle is strongly reflecting the concentration on e-bikes as the interest for regular bicycles as well as road racers is down. It’s said on the show floor that retail is investing especially in the e-segments and has no money left for the other categories. However, that’s not the case for basic bicycles made for bike-sharing programs in China. Demand for them is huge. The bigger Chinese makers are producing them; currently by the hundreds of thousands per month. Fushida is said to produce the coming months from 700,000 to 1.2 million units per month!

Such huge volumes are leading to shortages in components like low priced handlebars, pedals, saddles, rims, tyres. It’s said that by the end of this year the bike-share craziness in China will stop.

Apart from all this the waiting is now for nice spring weather to spark sales. Many have their hopes up for the Easter weekend that contrary to last year when it was in March is now in April. Warm and sunny weather then should do the trick.

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