Rules on posting a comment

When posting a comment on Bike Europe a number of conditions apply:

  • Adhere to the regulations and general decency.
  • Post a comment on an article and not to each other.
  • Some behaviour is not accepted by Bike Europe and that may be a reason to take action and finally block you.
  • Once you are blocked, you are out of luck, it’s irreversible. Begging or yelling does not help.

Not tolerated

  • Violence, racism, extreme right or extreme left-wing statements, anti-Semitism, to slander individuals, groups or organizations.
  • Dominant presence on the forum, aiming to provoke other forum participants.
  • Threats, whether fictional, addressed to other site visitors, Bike Europe or prominent persons. These will be reported and your information will be handed over to the police.
  • To attack, humiliate or otherwise slender other site visitors.
  • Non-substantive comments and responses unrelated to the topic of the article.
  • The infinite repetition of the same response to a topic. Like copy and pasting a response to clutter a list.
  • To post comments like ‘hello’, ‘bah’, “guess what ‘,’ ridiculous’, etc. with the aim of making sure your response is seen.
  • Posting personal information about yourself or others.
  • References to other websites (URLs) in a comment.
  • Failure of correct English.
  • Repetition of what has been said by another. Please read the list of previous comments before you post your own comment.

Correct English

Bike Europe requires that your English is correct, so others can understand what you write. So check your grammar and spelling before you post your comment. We also require that names are written correctly, just like Bike Europe does.


If the editorial team finds a comment unacceptable, it will be removed by the webmaster. If this happens repeatedly, the editors could decide to block your comments based on your IP address, so you can no longer post a comment.

The editors of Bike Europe will not discuss posted and removed comments as well as blocked IP addresses.

The team of Bike Europe wishes you much pleasure posting comments on articles!