New cutting-edge tracker on Apple 'Find My' network offers peace of mind

New cutting-edge tracker on Apple 'Find My' network offers peace of mind

Even in a lunchroom, a museum or a beer garden, a glance at his smartphone could tell a cyclist that his high-quality e-bike is still in the same place where it was parked. The more expensive the bike, the more reassuring it is to know that it can be tracked at any time, especially when it is out of sight.

With Kathrein Solutions, bike manufacturers and suppliers can provide this reassurance to their customers. In the dynamic world of cycling, standing out is about offering more than just quality; it is about pioneering features that redefine the riding experience. Kathrein’s innovative e-bike tracker is designed to elevate any bike portfolio and distinguish a brand in a competitive market. Powered by the Apple 'Find My' network, this cutting-edge tracker offers unprecedented peace of mind to e-bike enthusiasts.

A leap forward with BLE

The tracker is empowered by BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology, which seamlessly integrates into the global 'Find My' network. It provides a bicycle brand with a unique selling proposition.

The tracker (transponder) can be fully integrated into the engine cover area of the bike and would be powered by the e-bike‘s battery through the regular charging process. Consequently, it is usable for the end customer throughout the entire lifecycle of the bicycle. The tracker also has its own battery that ensures operation without recharging for up to approximately one year.

The 'Find My' network – made up of over a billion Apple devices – provides an easy, secure way to locate compatible personal items using the 'Find My' app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or using the Find Items app on Apple Watch. The network is anonymous and uses advanced encryption, meaning that no one else – not even Apple, Kathrein Solutions, or bicycle manufacturers – can view the location of the items. The accessory program enables third-party companies to build finding capabilities into their products, helping users locate and keep track of their expensive road, gravel, MTB or e-bikes.

Tailored approach

Kathrein Solutions goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, and is always on the outlook to offer tailored answers to the specific needs of a company and its clientele. Partnering with this tech expert means gaining access to cutting-edge solutions that are now just accessories but the cornerstone of what makes a brand stand out, resulting in both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

A case study in innovation

The integration of the tracker into the e-bikes of Kathrein’s inaugural client, Corratec, serves as a prime example of how embracing innovative technology can lead to enhanced market presence and customer loyalty. This collaboration highlights the potential for brands to lead in sustainability, security, and customer satisfaction.

Incorporating the e-bike tracker into a product line is more than an enhancement; in today’s market it is a strategic move that amplifies a brand’s value and distinguished it in the crowded marketplace.

Taking the next step

The transformative impact of the e-bike tracker can be discovered through a personalised consultation with Kathrein Solutions, in which it will become apparent how a tailored solution can enrich a manufacturer’s bike portfolio. Redefining the cycling experience and setting new benchmarks for innovation show a brand's full commitment to customer satisfaction.

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