Benchmark Drives’ Sensor BB with ISIS Mount

Benchmark Drives, known for the development of high-end drive system components and NCTE, an established supplier of torque measurement solutions, cooperated for the product introduction of the BSA-68 sensoric bottom brackets with ISIS mount.

Benchmark Drives is the new distribution partner of NCTE AG, which has already delivered more than 60,000 sensoric bottom brackets in the past five years. The two companies present the world’s first BSA-68 sensoric bottom brackets with ISIS crank mount. The bottom bracket is available both with rotation angle sensor (angular speed and direction of rotation), as well as the combination of rotation angle and torque sensor.

The sensors are based on the Formula 1 proven PCME technology. Both variations continue to be available in the JIS mount version. Therefore OEMs are offered diverse possibilities to integrate a proven torque sensor into their e-bike in a highly attractive, practically invisible manner.

According to Benchmark Drives, the sensoric bottom bracket is completely maintenance-free and offers perfect protection against environmental influences, does not require recalibration and is easy to install. The software for the components plays an integral role for the power deployment, responsiveness, and the durability of the complete system. Every product developed by Benchmark Drives receives a specifically tailored software solution for maximum support and a comfortable ride.