Focus on Supply Chain & Lean Production at Eurobike

BRUSSELS, Belgium – A meeting open to all industry members (from Europe as well as from Asia) on creating a European ‘Bicycle Valley’ through investment by European, Taiwanese and Chinese parts producers is taking place on Eurobike’s 2nd show day.
Next to Accell Group COO Jeroen Snijders Blok (photo), Didier Morelle (Purchasing Director of Oxylane Group - Decathlon) will be speaking at Supply Chain & Lean Production meeting on the 2nd Eurobike show day. – Photo Bike Europe

On Thursday 28th August 2014 the meeting will take place from 14:15h to 16:30h at Room Brussels in the Conference Center East. The meeting is organized by the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) in association with the World Federation for the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).


After an introduction by WFSGI Secretary General Robbert De Kock and EBMA Chairman Brian Montgomery speakers from Decathlon and Accell Group will address the meeting. Didier Morelle (Purchasing Director of Oxylane Group – Decathlon) and Jeroen Snijders Blok (Accell Group COO) will discuss the project “Sustainable Re-Industrialization in Europe.” Currently the first initiatives of this Re-Industrialization project are developed by bringing back (alloy) frame production to Europe.

The agenda of the meeting on Eurobike 2nd show day says further:

  1. Components Producers: can we generate Sustainable Industrial Innovation in the framework of EU’s Horizon 2020 Innovation program? Next to European parts producers, how can Taiwanese and/or Chinese parts producers be interested to invest in a European ‘Bicycle Valley’?
  2. Lean production systems: lower costs thanks to shorter lead times and improved logistics management. Presentation by WFSGI and Porsche Consulting.
  3. Discussion
  4. Wrap-up

All industry members (bicycle makers and component makers from Europe as well as from Asia) are invited to attend the meeting that takes place on Thursday 28th August 2014 from 14:15h to 16:30h in Room Brussels, Conference Center East. For registration mail to the WFSGI Bicycle manager: Yves Möri at: