Raleigh Icon John Macnaughtan Retires

NOTTINGHAM, UK – Maybe even more than former main shareholder Alan Finden-Crofts, he was Raleigh. At every international show of the last forty years or so he was at the Raleigh (or Sturmey Archer) booth and one to talk to if you wanted to know all about the ongoing matters in the bike industry. John Macnaughtan retires after 48 years at Raleigh at the end of this year.
John Macnaughtan joined Raleigh’s Export Department in January 1967. “Ten days later I was on a flight to Jo’burg and my feet have never touched the ground for the next 47 years”.

After joining former Raleigh owner Tube Investments in August 1965,  John Macnaughtan was hired by the Raleigh Export Director Jimmy Cumming in January 1967. “Ten days later I was on a flight to Jo’burg and my feet have never touched the ground for the next 47 years”, says Macnaughtan.

Sturmey Archer Ltd
But he was not always managing exports. In 1968 he was appointed as Director of Raleigh Industries East Africa. After setting up other projects and factories in Africa he was sent in February 1973 to Australia to set up Raleigh in Australia.  After the successful completion of this by 1977  he joined the newly formed Sturmey Archer Ltd in Nottingham and became Sales and Marketing Director in 1981.

Decline of UK manufacture
He managed the decline of the Raleigh account, with a turnover of some GBP 35 million which was outside his control, while maintaining the export markets with the result that by the end of the1980’s Sturmey Archer’s turnover was 95% into export markets.  The decline of UK manufacture, and indeed European Union manufacture, continued in the 1990’s and the sale of the Sturmey Archer site in 1997 led to the sale of Sturmey Archer itself.  After that sale John Macnaughtan established Raleigh in the China market before taking on the job with Raleigh International Limited where he was appointed Managing Director.

In the 14 years he has held this position he has returned double digit growth year on year.

John Macnaughtan will not completely disappear from the bike scene and has already agreed to help the Moulton Bicycle Company from Bradford on Avon in the UK extend their exports.