Huge Growth in Dutch E-Bike Sales in 2015

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – It astonished many in the Dutch bike sector; the huge growth in electric bicycle sales in 2015. That growth amounted to a big 24% to 276,000 units. Also in Germany e-bike sales showed a big double-digit growth in 2015.
E-bike sales in Holland hiked with a big 24% in 2015. – Photo Bike Europe

The Dutch industry-association Rai announced the 2015 sales figures for bicycles and e-bikes yesterday. In particular the figures for e-bikes and speed e-bikes stood out. Their sales hike made the average sales price for a new bike sold at the Dutch IBDs to reach record levels of over one thousand euro; € 1,058 to be exact!

Speed e-bikes

According to the Rai figures some 53,000 more e-bikes were sold last year compared to 2014. In that year total sales stood at 223,000 units; in 2015 the total came in at 276,000 e-bikes; resulting in a 24% growth.

The 276,000 e-bikes sold is excluding speed e-bikes. Sales of this category upped with 43% to 3,571 units.

Likewise development as in Germany

With the big sales growth in electric bikes Holland shows a likewise development as in Germany. Also in this e-bike developed market 2015 sales came in with double digit numbers. The sales volume of e-bikes posted 11.5% growth to 535,000 units. In 2014 e-bike sales in Germany stood at 480,000 units.

Market depressed for regular models

With the 24% growth e-bikes were the big shining star in a bicycle market that proved depressed for regular models. The total Dutch market saw sales drop by 6.4% to below the one million units level; to 983,000. The total turnover made with bicycle sales in Holland upped by 1.4% to 887 million euro.