Fewer Americans Purchase in Bike Shops

ALLENTOWN, USA - "Over the last two decades the major points of difference between bike shops and other retailers of bicycles have blurred and the pace of change has rapidly eroded bike shops traditional competitive advantages,” says Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the Gluskin Townley Group in their latest report on the Retail Landscape.
American adults purchase their bicycles more often from discount stores.

The report states that fewer American adults purchased their last bicycle from a bike shop in 2012 compared to 2000, and more of them purchased bicycles from discount stores.

Changing retail landscape
“Our webinar mid-January and our presentation at the Specialty Bike Expo the end of January will focus on what suppliers and bike shops can learn from the American Bicyclist Study Retail Landscape report. The main theme will be about the new American bicycle market and why the bike shop retail shopping experience has to change”, explains Elliot Gluskin.

We will present 14 critical points of difference between bike shops and competitive retailers selling bicycles, and why it is essential for bike shops to create new points of differentiation between now and 2020 – including becoming multichannel Gluskin concludes.

The American Bicyclist Study has been affordably priced for both suppliers and bike shops. Learn more about subscription to the American Bicyclist Study at: www.gluskintownleygroup.com.

The Retail Landscape will be the subject of a Gluskin Townley Group webinar on January 17, and will also be presented at the Specialty Bike Expo in Tampa, Florida January 30-February 2, 2013.