Next Phase in E-Bike Trend Arrives

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Together with the growing market for electric assisted bicycles in Europe demand for faster e-bikes, the so called speed-pedelecs, is growing.
“Extensive tests at Koga have shown that this e-bike handles very well and safely at speeds of 30-35 km/h.” - Photo Koga

In the past few months a large number of speed-pedelec concepts offering pedal assistance ranging from 25 to 45 km/h have been introduced. Dutch premium brand Koga sets the speed limit of its speed pedelec at 35 km/h. “The E-Xtension-S with a 500 W engine offers a healthy, sporty and environmental friendly alternative to using a car, particularly for commutes up to 25 km”, says Koga MD Wouter Jager.

Safe at speeds of 30-35 km/h
“Extensive tests at Koga have shown that this e-bike handles very well and safely at speeds of 30-35 km/h. With this speed we can completely satisfy the desire of consumers for a comfortable, safe and fast e-bike.”

The bike itself is not new as it been sold in Switzerland in the past two years. Currently Koga is working on small adjustments to meet the requirements which are slightly different in each country for this type of e-bike. Next to that Koga is also in the process of obtaining the European type approval.

Koga will launch the E-Xtension-S at Eurobike for the European market.

AVE goes for 45 km/h
The German Advanced Vehicle Engineering (AVE), distributed by among others Power to Wheels, decided to set their speed pedelec at 45 km/h. The SH6, featuring the Bosch 45S – 350 Watt engine, is designed for people who want to have the maximum support and speed.

“The SH6 meets the growing demand for e-bikes with more support than the usual 25 km/h and 250 W”, says Martijn van Ouwerkerk of Power to Wheels. “Awaiting the European type approval the SH6 is expected to go on sale by the end of March.”