Spanish Bike Market Shows Small Growth

MADRID, Spain – The bicycle market in Spain grew slightly with some 1% last year. According to the sell-out monitor of the country’s industry association AMBE a total of 1.1 million bikes were sold. E-bikes and road bikes were the outperforming stars last year.
Last year average sales price for a bicycle in Spain was 451 euro; up 6% on the 2014 price. – Photo Bike Europe

Electric bicycle sales in Spain was up by a big 39% in 2015. However, that huge growth is relative as the total number of e-bikes sold is still small. It stood at a total of 24,604 units which represents a 2% market share. Average sale price of an e-bike in Spain in 2015 stood at 1,461 euro which was up 12% on the 2014 price.

Road bikes

The other category that outperformed in 2015 in Spain were road bikes. An over 20% growth was recorded by AMBE to total sales of 68,000 road racers. This represents a 6% share of the total Spanish bike market while the average sales price stood at a very respectable 1,526 euro.


The biggest category in Spain is for years Mountainbikes. Sales dropped a bit last year; with 1.7% to a total of close to 515,000. Average sales price was 613 euro; up 4% on 2014.


City and other ‘urban’ equipped models are on the up in Spain. Close to 110,000 units were sold last year which stands for a big 13.3% growth. Average price  stood at 220 euro and market share at 10%.

Kid bikes

The kid bike sector is big in Spain with a 35% market share and 390,000 units sold; down slightly with 1.8%. Average price stood at 130 euro.


According to the sell-out monitor of AMBE an exact number of 1,103,839 bicycles and e-bikes were sold in Spain in 2015. This stands for a 1.4% growth on the 2014 total. The average sales price per unit was 451 euro; up 6% on the 2014 price. That price increase was caused by the depreciation of the euro against the US dollar in 2015 which brought about price increases for bicycles and e-bikes all around Europe.