Pirelli to Produce New Road Race Tyres in France

MILAN, Italy – The announcement of the bicycle market entrance was mad a few weeks ago already but the iconic brand name in Formula 1 and motorsports showed its new PZero Velo tyres for the first time last week in Milan.
The Pirelli PZero Velo range contains three models, designed in Italy, made in France. – Photo Bike Europe

The road race tyres are manufactured in France. Why production in France? “The production could have been everywhere,” explains Antonella Lauriola, COO Business Unit Velo Pirelli. “Pirelli is a premium brand and we will always act on the top-level of the market, regardless the product category.” The Italian company enters the market with road race tyres but other categories will follow very quickly as was said during the presentation by Pirelli staff.

Patented compound

For the new road race tyre range Pirelli developed a new patented compound called SmartNet silica. It is presented as “The next generation high-tech molecule which delivers maximum performance”. The SmartNet compound has been developed at the company’s Bicocca Technology and Innovation Centre. According to Pirelli the tyre’s compound is composed of more than seventeen elements.

Longitudinal positioned compound

SmartNet silica’s configuration differs from traditional ones as it has no spherical shape but is an elongated stick. According to Pirelli “This provides numerous benefits in terms of performance. The longitudinal position positively affects the tyre’s smoothness allowing highly directional performance, thanks also to its high elasticity leading to decreased heat generation and rolling resistance.’

In line with the company’s philosophy and to keep the technology in house, the production of the compound takes place in the company’s own factory in Romania. Subsequently it is taken to the Hutchinson factory in France for the production of the Pirelli PZero Velo tyres.

Product range

The PZero Velo range contains three different models. The silver label is aimed at road racing; it is light weight and the most versatile. The red label denotes PZero Velo TT as the fastest and lightest in the range while the blue label showcases the all season tyres. The tyres will be available this August.