Eurobike Organizer Loses Outdoor Show to Messe Munich

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – It’s said to be Messe Friedrichshafen 2nd biggest show, matched only by Eurobike. This OutDoor Show is from its 2019 edition onwards moving to Messe Munich, as voted for by the members of the European Outdoor Group; OutDoor Show concept owner. It prompts Messe Friedrichshafen to do the same as it already does with Eurobike for decades; organize its own and independent show.
OutDoor moves from Friedrichshafen to Munich in 2019. It prompts Messe Friedrichshafen to do the same as it already does with Eurobike for decades; organize its own and independent show. – Photo OutDoor

Over 50% of all members of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) voted for moving the OutDoor Show to Munich in 2019. This was the outcome of an official review announced by the EOG on the future of its OutDoor Show. EOG deemed that review vital in order “To ensure that OutDoor remains a vibrant and essential business platform in the face of rapid technological and societal change. The outdoor sector is still growing and the right platform is essential to support this in the coming years.”

OutDoor 25th anniversary in Friedrichshafen

With the majority of its members voting to move the show to Munich EOG president John Jansen commented “We look forward to building the new show with Messe München from 2019 onwards. We would also like to single out a truly special mention for Messe Friedrichshafen, who have worked hard with us over the last years to present a great platform for our sector.  This year is the 25th anniversary of OutDoor in Friedrichshafen (taking place 17 – 20 June 2018) and while it will undoubtedly be tinged with sadness, we look forward to it being a brilliant celebration of all those years.”

New outdoor platform

Messe Friedrichshafen reacted to the EOG actions with the announcement to create a new outdoor platform, “In full independence and with support from numerous major industry players, we as the OutDoor organiser will be holding a new version of the trade show in Friedrichshafen from 2019.”

‘Unique trade show atmosphere’

CEO Klaus Wellmann said further on Messe Friedrichshafen’s new version of the trade show for the outdoor sector “Our location, and in particular our concept for a new direction for the leading show, has good support from many EOG members, plus backing from numerous other outdoor industry players. Friedrichshafen will continue to offer a unique trade show atmosphere, where international outdoor experts set the course for the future of the business and celebrate their commitment to the outdoors. As such, we’re nevertheless confident and well prepared to enter a new outdoor trade show era at Lake Constance from 2019.”

Skepticism on transplanting success

Stefan Reisinger, GM of both OutDoor and Eurobike shows explained “Before the EOG vote, we had already received very positive feedback for our vision of a future outdoor show. This came from several of the 96 EOG members and also a large number of the 869 other exhibitors who attended the 2017 OutDoor show and were not part of the EOG decision. Our location and services have contributed decisively to the success of the OutDoor show. There is skepticism whether this success can simply be transplanted somewhere else. We are going to continue to offer the industry an authentic and unique home at Lake Constance.”