EU To Review Anti-Dumping Measures on Import of Conventional Bicycles from China

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Next to electric bicycles the European Union will also investigate whether China is (still) guilty of dumping conventional bicycles on the markets of its 28 member states. Sources in Brussels indicate that the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) lodged a review request as the current measures enforcing a 48.5% dumping duty are to expire on June 6, 2018.
Dumping review request will not end current anti-dumping measures by June 2018. – Photo Bike Europe

Last Tuesday, March 6, was the deadline for lodging such a review request at the European Commission. Earlier EBMA indicated that it intended to push for extending the anti-dumping measures on the EU import of conventional bicycles from China. However, with the current e-bikes dumping investigation initiated last September by the association this became questionable. EBMA could not be reached for comments on this matter. However, reliable Brussels’ sources indicate that the official review request has been lodged.

Existing measures stay in place

The request for that dumping review triggers an investigation by the European Commission. This investigation will take up a legally fixed term of 9 months. During that 9 months term the existing measures will stay in place. With that the end of the current 48.5% anti-dumping rate on bikes imported from China is expected for March 2019. Or, when the Commission finds that the dumping of conventional bicycles still takes place by China, another five year term of anti-dumping measures will be announced.

Import from China rising

What the EU manufacturers association undoubtedly emphasized in its review request is the fact that the import of conventional bicycles from China is increasing. This despite the fact that a 48.5% dumping duty is levied on the ex-works prices of the bicycles of Chinese makers. Next to that dumping duty also an import duty of 14% is levied.

Despite these duties the import of regular bicycles from China increased by 39% in the first nine months of 2017. According to Eurostat the total of that January – September 2017 import accounted for 466,000 units.