Reynolds for Carbon Tubing and Wheelsets

Reynolds for Carbon Tubing and Wheelsets

Reynolds Cycling, a division of MacLean Quality Composites, recently unveiled its 2009 product line, showcasing new technologies and products, and strengthening its company-wide commitment to professional road and mountain bike racing worldwide.

Reynolds has put a lot of effort in improving carbon fiber technologies and processes. The aim was to reduce product weight, improve strength and responsiveness, enhance ride quality and improve aesthetics.

According to Jonathan Geran, Reynolds’ director of sales and marketing, the unique feature of the Reynolds rims is that: “We have a 100% carbon design that integrates the rim and braking surface into a single, continuous piece of uni-directional carbon fiber."

"Our benchmark model, the DV46UL, features a new, ultra-light, high modulus carbon fiber molded into 46 millimeter aero profile rims, DT Swiss hubs and spokes, all of which adds up only 1405 grams for the set. That’s perhaps the lightest of any clincher wheel currently on the market. Our objective has always been to push design and manufacturing processes to the next level, creating not only ultra light carbon and alloy wheel sets, but wheels that offered comfort, strength and reliability.”

New for 2009 is the 3K line. These are performance wheels designed to look as distinctively as they perform. It starts with the abovementioned Reynolds unidirectional carbon, layered with a carbon fiber weave, and a mirror finish that shines without any weight-adding paints or lacquers. The DV 3K has a 20/24 spoke pattern and a Reynolds DT Swiss 240S hub. The set is available in both tubular and clincher models.

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