CityQ Bridges Gap Between E-Bike and Car

OSLO, Norway – CityQ is the name of the company as well as its product which aims at bridging the gap between e-bikes and cars. CityQ is claimed to be “The new urban vehicle with 4-wheels for up to 3 passengers, roof, solar panel and weather protection.”
CityQ: new urban vehicle with 4-wheels for up to 3 passengers, roof, solar panel and weather protection. – Photo CityQ

The Norwegian company says that its light electric vehicle can come with an app and pool of CityQ’s for businesses and residential areas offering an urban ride sharing platform. “Multiple type of vehicles can be presented in one single platform with customized vehicles and partner programs.”

Getting around without car?

On the concept of this new urban vehicle CityQ says “As cars are restricted within cities, we need new urban transportation alternatives. Imagine your next city car being an e-no worries about the weather. Just comfortable, flexible and fast urban mobility.

Bridging gap

“Enabling sustainable city development and new residential areas with less car traffic. CityQ may replace car traffic in cities with year-round ebicycling. Specially designed for Northern Europe climate and needs. Riding CityQ works with in cities without adding more traffic or needing extra parking space. CityQ is registered as an ebike, but with the benefits of a small city car. It’s a comfortable e-bike with weather protection, seats for up to 3 passengers, luggage space with battery range close to a small electric city car.

“CityQ is not a cargo bike – but it fully matches the capacity for transporting children safely, shopping or training bags – or even safely lock your laptop. It comes with safety belt, front lights and reflectors. CityQ is made for a car free city environment without having to deal with issues like traffic congestion, parking, weather and pollution.”