All You Need to Know on E-Bike Motor Innovations

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – 2018 has been a milestone year for e-bike innovations. An unprecedented number of new suppliers of motor systems have arrived. The newcomers as well as already existing e-bike transmission specialists present more powerful, more compact and above all more lightweight mid-motors. An overview of all developments as well as innovations is in Bike Europe’s 3rd online magazine.
Bike Europe’s 3rd online magazine highlights all 2018 e-bike motor innovations. – Photo Bike Europe

The topics that are extensively highlighted in Bike Europe’s newest online magazine are:

  • Is the e-bike market becoming overcrowded?
  • Car makers now actually entering (electric) two-wheeler market
  • E-bike dumping case: the consequences
  • Two-year survey signifies great future for e-cargo bikes
  • Speed pedelec sales show steady growth
  • Bosch: predicting the e-bike future

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