Alber Acquires E-Bike Display Assets of Insolvent Bloks

ALBSTADT, Germany – E-bike drivetrain manufacturer Alber acquired a part of the electronics specialist and display supplier Bloks GmbH. Munich-based Bloks GmbH filed for insolvency last July. The administrator failed to find a new investor and Bloks was brought to bed at the end of 2018.
Production of Bloks’ Display 20c will be continued by Neodrives. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

Since the start of 2019 Alber produces the Bloks 20C displays for its electric drive system Neodrives. Alber’s Neodrives Business Unit Manager Andreas Binz comments “Despite Bloks’ insolvency the supply chain has never been interrupted. Supplies to both manufacturers and retailers is still guaranteed, only the value chain is now being controlled by Alber.”

Experience in product development

“We are convinced of the display’s high quality,” Binz continues. “For this reason, we will continue support, service and future development of the display. Thanks to previous generations of Neodrives products and their displays, we have already gained a lot of experience in the product category. Next to our own produced and developed rear hub motor and the batteries of our partner BMZ, the display is an important element of our drive system. We are pleased to be able to steer its development and production ourselves again.”

Combining old and new displays

According to Alber the production of the displays has already started at the company’s headquarters in Albstadt. “This ensures a seamless transition for all e-bike owners with Neodrives rear motors,” explains Andreas Binz. “The Z20 generation can still be combined and exchanged with previous series made by Bloks in case of a complaint. There is no optical, technical or functional difference. Following the takeover, we now focus on the development of the service tool and the new app. Thanks to the independent control system, the planning and the implementation of updates and optimization is more reliable,” claims Binz.