Metz Starts Hi-Volume Mid-Motor Production Next Month

TAIPEI, Taiwan – At last month’s Taipei Cycle Show e-bike drive system maker Metz announced that its mid-motor production is starting next May in Neurenberg, Germany. First shipments are also scheduled for May. Without mentioning more precise numbers it’s said that it will amount to a high-volume, 6-figures production annually.
High-volume production of the Metz e-bike drive starts in May. – Photo Bike Europe

Metz debuted at the 2018 Eurobike show. Like other mid-motor and drive system makers the company has its roots in the automotive sector. However, through the Daum group, that since 2015 owns Metz, it also has a background in e-bikes as well as bicycle ergometers.

Metz mecatech supplies automotive manufacturers with plastic products as well as with SMD assembled circuit boards. The company’s 80 years of electronics expertise includes (photography) flash technology. Metz is introducing a very compact mid-motor that weighs 2.8 kg and offers up to 85 Nm of torque.

Available versions

The Metz mid-motor is available in 2 mounting versions – with or without mounting case. Continuous rated power is 250W with 700W peak power. It’s adjustable to four support modes and comes with high noise insulation and torque and cadence sensors.

Display and battery

The Metz e-bike drive system includes a display offering many functions including battery charge level, support level and speed. A second display version will be on display at Eurobike next September. Also a battery is included in the Metz system which is available in two capacity levels and three types. Capacities are 522 or 612Wh.