German industry stands up for more cycling support

BAD SODEN, Germany – The promotion of cycling as preferred transport mode during and after the COVID-19 crisis has been picked up around Europe. However, in Germany, the automotive industry’s demand to support car purchases to compensate for corona-related failures provoke a lot of negative reactions. In a joint effort the Germany bicycle industry and partners called for a mobility premium for everyone, including e-bikes and not only for cars.
“The Corona crisis represents a radical change in which many people are rethinking their mobility behaviour.” - Photo Bike Europe

“For us, modern mobility is a sensible mix of the various modes of transport. Therefore, a premium should not only promote one form of transport. People have to choose freely what mobility they want,” says Siegfried Neuberger, managing director of the German industry association ‘Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV)’ in a statement published earlier today. “For this reason, we and our partners ask for a premium for all forms of mobility, including bicycles and e-bikes.”

E-bikes are part of switch to modern mobility

“The Corona crisis represents a radical change in which many people are rethinking their mobility behaviour and may need to change. The federal government should see the opportunity in Germany in the long term to switch to modern and intelligent mobility.” In line with this radical change in mobility, Paris announced its plan for 650 km of pop-up cycle ways, London has similar ideas, while New York, Helsinki, Calgary, Mexico and Bogotá already started. E-bikes have been touted as a means to solve the problem of overcrowding public transport in Milan. Berlin already laid-out a temporary network of bike lanes almost overnight as shown in this video.

“Our initiative called ‘#Mobilitypremiumforeveryone’ also serves the climate goals,” adds Neuberger. “Our alliance points out to our federal Government that a mobility premium is urgently needed in view of the climate-friendly transformation in the transport sector. A pure car premium always creates the wrong incentive for more journeys by car instead of using other intelligent means of transport depending on the purpose of the journey.”

According the ZIV statement the call is supported by many including the ADFC, Allianz pro Schiene, Bike & Co, JobRad, Nextbike, the independent bicycle dealer association VSF, Changing Cities and Paul Lange/Shimano