Modiary unveils smart charger for ‘intelligent’ fast charging

Shenzhen, China - Lithium-ion battery charger developer and manufacturer, Modiary, have unveiled a new smart charger, MDA310. The company claims the product can charge three times faster than ordinary chargers and the built-in software allows for an “intelligent control of the whole charging process”.
Modiary developed extra speed and safety with its new MDA310 battery charger. - Photo Modiary

The smart charger is developed for charging of 10S lithium-ion battery packs with optional output current of 6A/5A/4A and will be launched into the market soon. Modiary claim that the working efficiency of the new battery charger, MDA310, is as high as 93%. A controller area network (CAN) communication protocol is used to communicate with the battery management system (BMS).

‘Smart’ features

Its output voltage and current can be adjusted in time through the built-in software to optimize the charging curve and realize a intelligent control of the whole charging process to ensure high working efficiency, high reliability and to extend the battery life; its housing has a fan-less design that prevents dust from gathering that may cause damage to the internal structure of the product, or creating noise; moreover, this charger can support the needs of various battery management systems, and also provides different DC Jack options in order to meet your customisation needs.

In addition, the intrusion protection of the charger can be updated to IP54 after a special treatment to the structure. In near future, Modiary will continue to develop products suitable for charging of 12S, 13S, and 14S li-ion battery packs with a designed output current of 4A.