Orbea licenses shock integration patent to Canyon

BILBAO, Spain - Canyon is to partially license Orbea’s patented Inside Line technology. Orbea’s Inside Line patent covers improvements of the internal routing for the rear shock lockout cable.
Orbea’s ‘Inside Line’ design. – Photo Orbea

According to Orbea, this is “not only aesthetic, but improves the integration of the shock in the frame without limiting access to the controls.”

Partial license to Canyon

Orbea’s European and American patents, EP3587234 and US11077913, protect the ‘Inside Line’ design and its innovative characteristics. An agreement between both companies which resulted in a partial license to Canyon to benefit from these patents came after cooperative discussions. The two companies report that Canyon is allowed to access certain aspects of I-line’s exclusive design characteristics, which brings improved aesthetics as well as reduced friction, protects the cable from dirt, and creates more space in the front triangle.

In a further statement, Orbea announced it will donate the revenues from this licensing agreement to trail projects. This will allow them to continue to expand their support for trail building.