Leading German concept store swaps Specialized for Giant

MUNICH, Germany - Specialized's decision to sell directly to consumers has left bicycle dealers unamused and sometimes reconsidering their relationship with the American company. In Germany, Alpha Bikes, reportedly the largest concept store in the country, is ending its collaboration and moving on with Giant.
Alpha Bikes in Munich will ends its partnership with Specialized in July 2022. - Photo Alpha bikes

In February this year, Specialized announced that it will start to offer online bicycle and e-bike sales and distribute directly to the consumer. “We are just extending the options for all riders,” explained Specialized’s European representative, Koos de Boer, at the time. “Our aligned partners are very much part of our strategy and in many cases will continue to service riders to the high standards they are today.” However, this decision did not go unfelt by dealers who had been loyal to the brand, one of which is Alpha Bikes.

Alpha’s long term relationship with Specialized

Alpha Bikes in Munich reports on its website that the partnership with Specialized will end in July 2022. The company has been working with the American manufacturer since 1998 and has been a concept store since 2008. About the end of the partnership, Alpha Bikes writes on its site: “Recently, Specialized has embarked on a new course and announced that it will accelerate direct sales. A decision that has major consequences for us as a specialist dealer.”

Why did Specialized decide to start selling online now?


“We see ourselves as the most important link between the brand and the customers. This role is now limited by the restructuring at Specialized. The changes at Specialized are making our business more and more unpredictable, and availability is becoming more unpredictable. That is why the Alpha Bikes and Specialized brands are splitting up. We think it is very important to make this decision transparent and understandable for our customers.”

In the centre are Alpha Bikes founders and MDs Gerhard Wagner (l.) and Daniel Ciasto and on the right, Giant-Germany MD Oliver Hensche. - Photo Alpha Bikes

As of March 2023 Giant Flagship Store

In July, the Munich store will start selling products from Giant, Liv and Cadex. By March 2023, the current location will have completed its transformation into Giant’s Flagship Store Munich. About the choice for Giant, Alpha Bikes says: “The Giant Group started out quite small and has the same vision to this day. In that vision, the best way to arouse the passion for cycling is to make the best products that are also affordable and accessible to everyone. A vision that we as Alpha Bikes absolutely share.”