The sppot event to focus on the latest in surface finishing technologies

BUDAPEST, Hungary – During the ‘Get Technical’ event the members of ‘the sppot’ will present a deeper insight in the latest surface finishing technologies for powder and liquid coatings, labels/decals and their respective applications. The event is open to the industry on 22 and 23 November and takes place in Budapest, Hungary.
‘Get Technical’ is the second event of the sppot in 2022. – Photo the sppot

The sppot is a partnership between WAGNER, Berlac AG, TIGER Coatings, Posterama and HENKEL. The organisation was founded 6 years ago to support the members’ customers to get the best technical quality out of their products and services.

Demonstrations of the full surface finishing process.

The event in Budapest takes place at MLS, a powder and liquid applications systems supplier and official distributor of WAGNER in Hungary. In this facility the whole process of surface finishing of frames and other bicycle components in a broad context will be demonstrated and discussed.

The combination of various products which come from different global suppliers make surface finishing a complex process. With seminars and workshops, the sppot aims to give its customers a better understanding of the process what should result in a better quality of the final product and a more efficient production process.

Individual members

Next to the explanation of the whole process, the event will provide room for individual trouble shooting as well. One-on-One meetings with the specialists of the 5 sppot members can be booked in advance as well.

Visitors are free to select on which day they want to attend the free of charge event and to book one-on-one meetings. Registration for the event is required.

‘Get Technical’ is the third major event of the sppot in 2022. The other events in spring and summer focused on the Color Trend Days and design @ TIGER Coatings in Austria. In previous years the ‘Get Technical’ event took place as a one-to-one technical sessions with a limited number of customers from the bicycle industry, who visited the sppot’s competence center in Sofia or had virtual sessions with the sppot team.

Due to the huge success of the sppot´s live events in the previous years, the sppot and its partners committed to initiate the Big Three event series in 2022. They plan to host them year after year in order to bring the best surface finishing solutions back to Europe.

About ‘Get technical’

  • Date: 22-23 November
  • Location: MLS Budapest, Hungary
  • Organization: the sppot
  • Program:
    9:00 – 10:30: seminar with presentations from WAGNER, Berlac AG, TIGER Coatings, Posterama.
    11:00 – 12:30: Technical presentation on liquid coating facilities & decals
    13:30 – 14:30: Technical presentation on powder coating facilities & decals
    14:30 – 15:00: Technical presentation on powder & liquid and decals
    15:00 – 17:00: One-on-One 30 minute’s meetings
  • Evening: networking dinner