Accell ‘Rearranges’ Dutch Companies


HEERENVEEN, The Netherlands – Last Thursday Bike Europe reported on a ‘new reorganization round’ within the Dutch companies of Accell Group NV. There is now more clarity on what’s involved. It’s about a legal rearrangement at which the Dutch companies are brought together under one roof called Accell Netherlands BV.

Accell ‘Rearranges’ Dutch Companies
The Dutch Accell companies, Sparta, Batavus, Koga and Juncker Bike Parts, are brought together in a new entity called Accell Netherlands BV. – Photo Bike Europe

The legal rearrangement involves no further layoffs, said Accell Group CEO René Takens. It implies that Sparta, Batavus, Koga and Juncker Bike Parts are placed in an new entity called Accell Netherlands BV. This company will be led by two directors; Huub Snellen (the current general manager of Batavus and Sparta) for all operational matters and Wouter Jager (now general manager of Koga) for all commercial matters.

Obliged to consult Workers Council

CEO Takens reported further that for such a re-arrangement Accell Group is obliged to consult its Workers Council with an advice-request. “That’s what we have done. And no, there are no further layoffs involved.”

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