Bosch eBike Systems starts Asian-Pacific business unit


REUTLINGEN, Germany – It has been in 2009 when a small start-up company was founded within the Robert Bosch GmbH product world. It’s name: Bosch eBike Systems. Within five years this company became European market leader in the field of e-bike drive train systems. This year the company is expanding not only into the USA but also into Asia Pacific.

Bosch eBike Systems starts Asian-Pacific business unit
Fouad Bennini - until now Head of Bosch eBike Systems’ product management – was promoted to head of the new regional business unit Asian-Pacific. He is moving to Suzhou/China.

After former Bosch eBike Sstems sales manager Claudia Wasko moved in April as Head of the new founded Bosch eBike Systems North America business unit to Irvine/Ca. now another Bosch eBike Systems manager out of the German headquarters in Reutlingen is moving overseas.

New business unit in Suzhou

In July current Head of product management Fouad Bennini is moving to China. As Head of a new-founded regional Asian-Pacific business unit Bennini will work especially on a logistics concept and support for partners ad customers. The new business unit is located in Suzhou about 50 kilometer west of Shanghai.

Closer to the bicycle industry in Asia-Pacific

This step is done with an eye on a closer connection to the bicycle industry in Asia-Pacific. Bosch eBike Systems Asia Pacific will directly support pedelec producers in Taiwan, China and Vietnam – first for production and exports to Europe and USA and secondly to serve some other markets out of that region such as the established pedelec market Japan and some non-established pedelec markets such as Australia, China and Korea.

“We are proud that pedelecs receive more and more interest in the Asian-Pacific region. The markets over there have a most interesting growth potential. We are confident that we can realize the success we have in Europe also in Asia”, states Head of Bosch eBike Systems Claus Fleischer.

Sales and service for the Asian-Pacific sales markets

Means also that the cooperation with Asia is changing. Until now Bosch eBike Systems’ focus on Asia was especially rooted in cooperation with suppliers. This cooperation is now moving further to logistics and production topics – and later sales and service for the Asian-Pacific sales markets. “For all these activities we need a central point of contact”, says Fouad Bennini who is already studying some Mandarin, “we can intensify our cooperation with partners and customers out of Suzhou and will be able to serve with faster response times and flexible deliveries.”

Suzhou was chosen because Robert Bosch GmbH has already some automotive activities. They are standing for an already existing infrastructure over there Bennini and his team can rely on.

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