Bosch goes a few steps further


REUTLINGEN, Germany –Last year German e-bike drivetrain system supplier Bosch eBike Systems introduced its second generation of mid motor drive systems to the market. According to Head of Bosch eBike Systems Claus Fleischer both “Active Line” and “Performance Line” are the basis for further developments. In which direction these “further developments” will go in season 2015 and beyond was introduced on 25 June at a Sneak Preview 2014 in Reutlingen.

Bosch goes a few steps further
Top highlight of Bosch eBike Systems’s product range for season 2015 is the new all-in-one control unit “Nyon”. Here Head of Sales and Service Armin Harttig is proudly presenting “Nyon” that is standing for the latest connectivity pedelec mantra.

Integration and connectivity are the magic topics Bosch is counting on for season 2015. Following this route means also that the company’s first generation drivetrain system “Classic Plus Line” will be brought to bed. “For season 2015 we won’t deliver anymore “Classic Plus Line” to OEMs. Nevertheless service and spare parts are for sure available”, said Fleischer on the Sneak Preview in Reutlingen. Reason to skip the company’s first generation drivetrain system is that “Classic Plus Line’s electronics was good but not made for connecting any further applications”.

All in one control unit “Nyon”

That’s exactly what Bosch want to do in 2015. Absolute highlight of the Bosch eBike Systems 2015 product range is the new “all-in-one” e-bike computer “Nyon”. “Nyon” is an additional product and not replacing the existing board computer Intuvia, underlines Fleischer.

Nyon combines e-bike control, navigation, fitness and smartphone function in one device. It connects the rider via smartphone app or WiFi with the Bosch App “eBike-Connect” (for Android Version 4.0.3. and upwards and iOS version 7 and upwards) and supports tour planning, including post-trip evaluation. According to Armin Harttig – since March successor of former Bosch eBike Systems’ Head of sales and service Claudia Wasko – “‘Nyon’ will be exclusively available for our Performance Line”.

Integrated gear shifting solutions

A further hot topic is Bosch eBike Systems’ integrated gear shifting systems. Here Bosch is cooperating with Fallbrook, Shimano and Sram. Means that pedelec suppliers can now chose between three integrated “simplicity meets functionality” shifting solutions.

NuVinci, SRAM and Shimano

At Fallbrook/NuVinci Harmony automatic shifting depends on pedaling cadence (or manual gear). At Sram’s “Dual Drive 3 Pulse” automatic shifting depends on speed. The 3-speed hub shifts automatically. At the present time it shifts from first to second gear at the speed of 8 km/h and from second to third at the speed of 15 km/h note that this can be changed). The derailleur cassette is shifted manual. Last but not least Shimano and Bosch offer an integrated electronic “Di2” shifting in combination with the shifting hubs “Alfine-8”, “Alfine-11” and “Nexus-8”. Means after Shimano introduced its electronic shifting “Di2” on roadbikes and now also on mountainbikes it will enter the urban segment in season 2015 thru the fast growing pedelec market.

More details on Bosch eBike Systems’ products and the company itself in one of the next Bike Europe issues.

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