Comp Drive Systems – the unique mid drive unit


Comp drives – a unique mid drive unit which uses a special gearsensor called GSGI (patent pending) developed just for this mid motor. GSGI provides unique optimisation with mechanical shifting systems together with deeply integrated function with the controller unit. It also shows on the display your current shifted position.

Comp Drive Systems – the unique mid drive unit
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A team from the Czech Republic, under Agentura Repro, spol. s r.o. and their well-known, started to solve e-bike shifting during assisted ride.

Their logical step was to develop the potential of this device and the project Comp drive systems was started. To create a balanced system, it was decided that it was necessary to evolve its own mid-motor with the controller deeply integrated with new gearsensor GSGI and the specially designed display. GSGI is a device which is able to recognise the gear (shift) position from the shift cable.

Agentura Repro successfully found a Japanese hardware producer, mid-motor design company Vinka. The long-term cooperation resulted in a new joint-venture company – COMP DRIVES, s.r.o. Their teamwork has led to results. The Comp drive system was shown at Eurobike 2017, for bikes in 2018 and it will also be presented at Eurobike 2018, booth A1-510.

Really unique?

The cut off motor while shifting is a well-known solution, thanks to gearsensor. GSGI gearsensor doesn’t exactly cut off the motor but uses the variable time of motor torque reduction while shifting. It’s performed on the basis of the gear position and specified time parameters related to pre-set pedalling cadence (inserted via display) in combination with system data collecting. Moreover, the shifting position is presented on the display by a number so the rider has a clear overview of the shifting status. This feature was put in with detail by adding the shifting recommendation function – with this the rider is prompted by a small arrow to shift to another position. This helps to optimise the usage of battery.

What are COMP drives composed of?

Mid-motors C17 (3,8 kg) and C18 (2,6 kg) are suitable for any category of e-bikes. Both with sufficient power and silent operation. As already mentioned, GSGI is a vital part of the system and three kinds of displays are the core of Comp system. It is worth noting that two displays S18 and RM1 are fitted with Bluetooth and are able to connect to iOS and Android smartphone application, also developed by COMP DRIVES.

The whole kit is offered as a modular specification so customers can order various combinations supplemented by other equipment. The product policy is not to limit choice by offering a specific battery, so the battery is excluded from the offer and in this way customers are not limited.

The new Comp system will be revealed during Eurobike 2018. It’s CK-1 mid drive conversion kit is suitable for any frame/chainstay design and is created for GSGI shifting optimisation as other COMP motors. Besides a standard single chainwheel it will be offered with a double chainwheel 48/34T. CK-1 is in combination with RM1, a small remote controller with smartphone application.

Present and future

2018 is the year in which the Comp drive unit will take off. It is possible to buy e-bikes fitted with a Comp system by Totem bikes and Achilles on the Czech market. It is looking increasingly good not only on the domestic market but also abroad. MY2019 and 2020 are expected to be breakthrough years for Comp.

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