Velo-City 2019: SITAEL presents its flexible vehicle-sharing platform


DUBLIN, Ireland – SITAEL presents its flexible vehicle-sharing platform at Velo-City 2019. A high-scalable platform that mixes vehicles, mobile app, AI (artificial intelligence) and third-party integration to release the full potential of sharing technology for micro-mobility contexts, with both plug-and-play systems and separate parts to integrate in existing or customized schemes.

Velo-City 2019:  SITAEL presents its flexible vehicle-sharing platform

It is the first time SITAEL takes part as exhibitor in the largest cycling conference, Velo-City 2019, hosted by the Dublin City Council from the 25th to the 28th of June.

Ideated by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) in 1980, Velo-City comes back to Dublin after 14 years and finds a renewed city which has implemented smart urban mobility plans all along this period with the aim to reduce car usage and change citizens’ mobility habits. The adoption of these measures has resulted in a 147 percent increase in the number of cyclists since 2005.

Smart cities

It is in this framework that SITAEL presents itself as the right partner for governmental authorities, mobility consultants and technological companies to shape a sustainable future for smart cities in terms of urban mobility and micro-mobility.

Its competences in Digital Transformation combined with proved knowledge in producing high-quality technology and skills acquired during several years of experience in electronic design, software development and system integration in different fields, are provided now to mobility players to build a complete smart vehicle-sharing system.

Flexible platform

The core of the solution designed by SITAEL consists in a flexible platform that mixes the best possible ingredients to release and enjoy the full potential of sharing technology: from vehicles to mobile app, users’ management, operations, Artificial Intelligence implementation, and third-party integration.

This adaptable and high-scalable platform allows players to opt for a full sharing system ready to be used – that includes bicycle and e-bikes, sharing infrastructure, an engaging user app and a complete management platform – or to choose to adopt separate parts of this system, to customize them with tailored features and interfaces and integrate them with existing urban infrastructures.

One of the strengths of SITAEL is the possibility to co-work with local governmental partners to offer different management operations and move together towards “a more liveable, safe and active environment for its citizens’ of which ‘Dublin represents a true example,” as claimed by Marcio Deslandes, Velo-City Series Director.

Last year, the ECF website hosted an article by SITAEL under the section dedicated to cycling experts and forerunner services and products providers and their views. SITAEL talked about the role of technology in e-Mobility and revealed the secret of the high level of innovation that earned its products ESB and MAT the prestigious Honoree title at CES 2018 Innovation Awards.

Visit us at booth B4 during Velo-City 2019 and find more about SITAEL vehicle-sharing solution at

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