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Axa Developing Remote Controlled Defender Ring Lock


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Axa Developing Remote Controlled Defender Ring Lock
AXA Stenman Defender

Contemporary bike designs often borrow styling features from cars. The basic idea is to show fewer technical details and put more emphasis on functionality. Axa Stenman is working along the same R&D principles for its Defence line of bike locks. The Dutch manufacturer of building hardware and bicycle parts (locks, lighting equipment and after acquiring the company De Woerd, also chain guards) is developing the world’s first remote controlled Defender RL Security ring lock, taking its cue from a feature that is becoming standard in cars.

Axa Stenman is the market leader by far for OEM bicycle locks in the Netherlands. After selling over 10 million units of the various Security models; the lock specialist introduced its new Defence range of bike locks in 2005. This range was created after observing locking behaviour in Dutch cities, where bicycle theft has turned into one of the biggest social annoyances..


After doing a thorough analysis of the vulnerability of bikes to theft, Axa concluded that bicycles need more than one lock that simply immobilizes the bike. Axa’s research said that locks to fix the bike to the earth or street furniture are also needed. Many bike owners secure only their front wheel; bike thieves often leave the locked front wheel in the bike rack and carry the main part of the bike away, stealing a matching front wheel to complete the bike again. So the Defence range targets points of attack which can be secured with a lock.

The core of the Axa Defence line is formed by a modern and completely symmetrical ring lock design, the Axa Defender RL. The ring lock has a plug-in holder in which an Axa plug-in chain or cable can be fixed. With this feature Axa has created strong barriers against bicycle thieves. The Defence line is approved by ART**, Varefakta and SBSC. The fact that the finish of the lock can be made in every desired colour, makes the Defender RL much appreciated by OEMs.

In order to meet the much needed extra security measures against bike theft and for anchoring the bike to a fixed object, Axa extended its range with three heavy chain locks. They are: Cherto Compact 95, Cherto 100 and the ProCarat Compact 105. The Cherto and ProCarat locks are suited to be used in combination with the Defender RL ring lock. All the new chain locks have ART** approval and the ProCarat even an ART**** which means this chain lock is also tested as suitable for scooters and motorcycles.

The world’s first remote controlled Defender ring lock is not on Axa’s list of 2008 novelties. The lock specialist is still working on its development and a launch date could not be given yet. But a demonstration at the company’s headquarters in Holland revealed that working prototypes for the remote controlled ring lock are already in existence. It looks as if Axa Stenman will launch its latest locks at the world’s biggest bike event: the Eurobike Show next September.

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