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Oredon Integrates Stem and Lock



Oredon Integrates Stem and Lock

Innovative French bike parts manufacturer Oredon has designed the FreeLock anti-theft protection and space saver. The FreeLock is a stem with an integrated lock, based on a patented mechanism that disconnects the handlebar from the wheel.

The FreeLock offers three functions in one key turn: Park, Ride or Travel&Store. In the anti-theft position the handlebar is disconnected from the fork and spins freely. The bicycle cannot be steered or ridden. Casual thieves (or 80% of all bike thefts) just walk on by while professional thieves are deterred by the difficulties of breaking the system and the frame repair/stem replacement cost.

European Safety Standards

In addition to the anti-theft system, the FreeLock makes it also possible to easily fix the handlebar parallel to the front wheel & the frame. This makes storing the bike in crowded building sheds, garages and flats very easy. And so is taking the bike on trains and camping cars. In the Ride position, FreeLock guarantees accurate and completely safe steering in compliance with EN 14766 European Safety Standards.

On each FreeLock a unique serial Bike Tracking number has been laser engraved and it includes a product specific identity card. Users can register free of charge on the Oredon site to benefit from the Key & Tool service protected by their personal password, to register in the BikeTracking database where anyone can check the status of a found bike and to activate the recovery of the stolen bikes by their legitimate owners.

The FreeLock is fitted to the frame with an anti-theft screw. Just like anti-theft screws fitted to car wheels, it offers 40 to 90 different patterns (depending on type). Only the specific tool delivered with FreeLock to the bike owner can dismantle the stem from the frame. The system fits all kinds of bicycles, whether recent or older models. The FreeLock is part of a full line of reliable theft protection products. Next to the FreeLock, Oredon has developed the SafeRing (to protect the saddle) and the WheelGuard (to protect the wheels).

French Cycle Industry Council

Recently Oredon has joined the French Cycle Industry Council (CNPC – Tous A Vélo) through its mother company, Bike Expand. Bike Expand was founded to propose innovative European solutions for the cycle industry – ranging from bike parts and equipment to services. Bike Expand’s strategy is to facilitate bike usage, improve cyclists’ safety and provide the largest possible number of people with direct access to bike related information.

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