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Clarks’ New Hydraulic Brakes


Clarks New Hydraulic Brakes

Clarks’ New Hydraulic Brakes

Big news from Clarks Cycle System as the UK component maker is stepping into disc brakes. And maybe even bigger news are the prices at which these brakes are being introduced.

S2 is the name of the new high-end two-piston hydraulic disc brake from Clarks. According to the UK specialist it offers an extremely powerful brake system at a very competitive price. The new brake is tested to CEN regulations and comes with all the certifications. It is also easy to fit and maintain.

The S2 is available with a variety of rotor sizes and a wavey rotor option for greater modulation. It is standard fitted with Clarks sintered brake pads while the S2 also features an easy finger reach adjuster. Next to the S2 hydraulic disc brakes, Clarks Cycle Systems also presented three mechanical disc brakes in Friedrichshafen, all of which are CEN certified.

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