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Formula Oro K24


Formula Oro K24

Formula Oro K24

A complete new hydraulic brake system comes from Formula under the name Oro K24. It features a two-piece master cylinder that allows the lever to be taken out without removing any other part from the handlebar.

The flip-flop master cylinder allows the lever to be mounted on each side of the handlebar. Oro K24 has a patented body with integrated tool-free taper wall reservoir; a feeling control system and a two-piece brake lever.

The Oro K24’s caliper has a compact design and features two composite pistons, with a choice of four different rotor sizes from 160 up to 220 mm. The finish of the caliper as well as the master cylinder is nickel plated.

Other interesting news from the Italian brake specialist Formula comes in the form of the R1 caliper. R1 stands for Radial one piece caliper. It’s a caliper forged out of one piece of metal. The R1 comes with an aluminium back plate organic compound and a patented nut to reduce overall dimensions.

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