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Minoura True-Pro Wheel Truing Stand


Minoura True-Pro Wheel Truing Stand

Minoura True-Pro Wheel Truing Stand

Minoura Iron Works in Japan is one of the traditional family-companies in the bicycle related business. Since 1933 the family Minoura has been pushing their designers for new products and product-improvements.

This year’s additions to the product range are the repair stands and the wheel truing stands for the bicycle-workshops and mobile track-workshops. This portable wheel truing stand features Minoura’s auto centering system.

ACS allows the user to perform almost every procedure needed in building a wheel without the need for an additional dishing tool. Also, newly designed gauges that check vertical and horizontal movement of the wheel are intuitive and easy to use. The True-Pro can be folded down completely for easy transport and storage.

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