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A-Class Focuses on Aftermarket Wheelsets


A-Class Focuses on Aftermarket Wheelsets

A-Class Focuses on Aftermarket Wheelsets

A-Class is the high-end brand name of Taiwanese rim manufacturer Alex, with a focus on the aftermarket for light and exclusive wheelsets. The 2009 range contains ten new models. Together with design company 5th Dimension, A-Class developed complete new hubs for its MTB- and Road wheelsets.

The spokes used for the wheelsets are bought from DT. With a weight of only 1350 grams the VXD1 goes with the ultra light wheelsets on the MTB market. This is enabled by using new Scandium rims with a weight of only 300 gram per piece.

The 32 Aero spokes for the front and rear wheel offer high performance and strength. In the beginning the wheelset will be available with six holes IS standard hub only. The Centerlock version will follow later this season. The VXD3 (Disc) and VXC3 (V-Brake) are developed as XC allround wheelsets. The rims are 23mm wide and have 24 spokes. T

he weight of the V-Brake version will be 1530 grams while the Disc version with Centerlock hub will be just 1650 grams. A nice detail of this set is the gold anodized rim together with the hidden nipples. Especially for the new range of All Mountain Bikes, A-Class developed the VED3 wheelset featuring Centerlock hubs, 28mm welded rims and 28 spokes. The result is a wheelset that’s light and strong enough to ride simple Freeride trails.

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